Food and drinks available for purchase at SCIFIGHTER.

Bacon Cheese Burger

-Smoked Applewood Bacon -Tillamook cheddar cheese - Sweet chili Aoli - Caramelized onions -Pickles -Angus beef -Brioche bun

Korean Bbq Chicken Sandwich

-Smoked Applewood Bacon -Marinated chicken -Coleslaw -Sweet chili Aoli -Pickles -Brioche bun Loaded Grilled Cheese -Smoked Applewood Bacon- Tillamook cheddar -Caramelized onions -Sweet chili Aoli - Pickles -Thick sliced Brioche toast (All served With side or roasted potatoes, or fruit salad)

Grilled Chicken Tacos

- Corn tortillas ( gluten free) -Marinated chicken - Salsa Roja -Guacamole -Pico de Gallo -Queso fresco (Vegan) Soy chorizo cauliflower Tacos -corn tortillas ( gluten free) -Soy chorizo -Grilled/seasoned cauliflower -Salsa Roja -Pico de Gallo (With side or roasted potatoes, or fruit salad)

Breakfast Tacos

-Corn tortillas ( gluten free) -scrambled eggs- smoked applewood bacon -Shredded potatoes -Black beans -Salsa Roja-Pico de Gallo-Queso fresco (Vegan)Soy chorizo tacos -Corn tortillas (gluten free) -Soy chorizo -Shredded potatoes -black beans -Salsa Roja-Pico de Gallo


Iced lemonade, Iced coffee, and more.
All vendors subject to change without notice. We will try to keep the latest list active here. Please use the contact form if you would like to be come a vendor at this event.