Spekterz is a cozy vinyl-inspired track with a story about a ghost who cannot love the human that lives in her house. This bouncy and melodic song will make you want to jam with all the spirits!
December 15, 2022
Archangel, the next chapter by Azlan is an experimental minimal Drum&Bass track.
October 13, 2022
Geometric Dawn
The latest single from Azlan. Get ready to hear a track designated for a festival sunrise set! ⁣
June 24, 2022
The new single from Azlan.
May 27, 2022
game on
Game On takes us on an epic genre smashing journey as Funk Puppy unleashes a pack of new beats. Funk Puppy's second album on Sci-Fighter Records is sure to give your sub woofers and sneakers a workout.
October 31, 2021
New item
Funk Puppy's debut self titled album.
October 10, 2020