Rave From The Grave presented by SCIFIGHTER

Every lifeform needs a boarding pass to enter Sci-Fighter Rave From The Grave. Minor lifeforms must be accompanied by a legally responsible adult at all times. This is a pack in pack out leave no trace of alien life event. Health and safety restrictions will be enforced. If your feeling sick at all then please help keep others from being exposed by staying home. Email our support team and we will reimburse your ticket. Respect the Earth, others, and yourself. Please ride together to reduce the impact on the planet.
Sci-Fighter Rave From The Grave is a private event. By purchasing your pass and / or entering Sci-Fighter Rave From The Grave you agree to hold it's producers, artists, participants, and vendors harmless for any damages or liability. Admission and entry to Sci-Fighter Rave From The Grave is at the sole discretion of event staff. Be aware of your surroundings, act responsibly, live responsibly, be kind, and have fun.